Prayer Ministry/Trauma Recovery

PRAYER MINISTRY – Refreshing Spring Ministries is a place where we love people back to life in an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance. If you are not walking in the abundant life Jesus purchased for you, we may offer some insightful answers. Many tell us that what they learn here in just a few 90-minute sessions changes their lives.

Our trained* staff of prayer ministers are here to help you learn to hear from God. We invite the Holy Spirit to be in charge of all of our sessions. He is the one who makes a difference! The Bible is our main source of reference. We will introduce you to spiritual laws that are affecting your life and how to use those laws for blessing instead of curses. We expose how our sin of judging (condemning someone to be what they do) affects every relationship we have. Freedom is accessed through forgiveness and repentance.

TRAUMA RECOVERY – Everyone has been impacted by a trauma of some sort.  Childhood trauma can lead to lifelong chronic illness.  Two-thirds of Americans report experiencing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE).  Ongoing adversity in childhood leads to a chronic state of “fight, flight or freeze.”  Researchers at Yale* had recently shown that when inflammatory stress hormones flood a child’s body and brain, they alter the genes that oversee our stress activity re-setting the stress response to “high” for life.  This increased the risk of inflammation, which manifests later in cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases.

The trauma prayer we use is extremely effective in transferring that trauma from our cells to the cross in exchange for the peace of Christ.  Once trauma has been removed, clients are able to look at past wounds more easily and find the healing they long for.


*All of our prayer ministers have been trained in the Elijah House Schools 201 and 202 and Heart Matters. All have received many hours of personal ministry, as well as many hours serving as interns and intercessors in sessions.