Refreshing Spring Ministries

Welcome to Refreshing Spring Ministries . . . a place where people find wholeness, hope, and peace – a true oasis in a parched land.  Our staff of trained Biblical prayer ministers and coaches are deeply committed to caring for you, loving you, and inspiring you to greatness. 

As PRAYER MINISTERS our role is to partner with the Holy Spirit (THE Counselor) to bring about what Romans 12:2 talks about – transformation of our minds by the Word of God.  We use Biblical principles to help you find freedom from what may be life-long struggles.

Unlike most counseling, we do not focus on behavior modifications. We help you recognize and understand patterns of difficulty in your life and identify wounds and roots of bitterness. (Heb. 12:15) By applying the essential scriptural elements of healing -- confession, forgiveness, and repentance - you will be able to experience God's miracle-working power.

We’re passionate about helping MARRIAGES be all God intended them to be.  We offer marriage coaching, marriage seminars, and pre-marital courses.  And, as ordained pastors, we are also able to officiate your wedding. 

As CHRISTIAN LIFE COACHES, we work with motivated individuals who find themselves stuck and unable to reach their goals.  Through a series of sessions, we help you get in touch with your God-given destiny, work through any hindrances, and hold you accountable to take practical steps toward a more positive and exciting future.   This process is helpful for anyone – any age – whether personal or professional. 

Refreshing Spring Ministries Family Movie Day!– December 6, 2015 from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Vintage Park 114 Vintage Park Blvd, Houston, TX 77070. Come join us for an interactive movie experience for the whole family! Watch the classic Christmas movie ELF in a whole new way – with props, games, sing-alongs, and more! • Tickets are $30 per person and include your choice of entrée from the Best of the Alamo Menu. • All proceeds will support Refreshing Spring Ministries. • Go to to purchase tickets before November 27.

Thanks for visiting our website. We hope to see you at Refreshing Spring Ministries in the near future.